Beyond Edits, Rules,
Comparisons and Predictive

to the World of Precision with
Intelligent Miniature Expert

Save at least 5 Times more than existing Waste, Abuse and Fraud Solutions

Save at least 5 Times more than existing Waste, Abuse and Fraud Solutions
Fully Automated with No False Positives
Catch Small, Catch Early, Catch All with Precision and Save Significantly!

What is DentaLens?

DentaLens is the First Near Real-Time dental waste, abuse and fraud, automated detection and prevention software solution that is specifically designed to reduce the financial burden caused by pre-payment of high volume, low dollar issues (constituting 80- 90% of all improper dental charges) in addition to low volume, high dollar issues.

Why DentaLens?

DentaLens is an intelligent software solution that enables dental payers to increase savings significantly from waste, abuse and fraud by moving from a decades-old “pay and chase” and “manual review” model to a smart, automated "detect and prevent” model. These new savings can be used to fund new initiatives.

How DentaLens Works?

DentaLens applies its Multi-Vectored technology comprised of miniature expert systems on all claims data every day. DentaLens reports within 24 hours (pre-payment & pre-adjudication) exactly who has a billing issue, what was at issue, when it happened, where it happened, and how it happened.

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Automated Detect & Prevent instead of Pay & Chase Approach

Solutions We Provide

DentaLens is a one-of-a-kind dental healthcare Waste, Abuse and Fraud detection and prevention solution that combines informatics, clinical expertise, forensics, information technology and advanced data visualization to reduce your improper dental payments.

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Multi-Vectored Analysis

Despite years of effort and a plethora of variations of the “pay and chase” model, the percentage of recovery as reported in 2013 by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of Health and Human Services was less than 6% of the total estimated healthcare waste, abuse and fraud.

DentaLens uses a Multi-Vectored technology with multiple smart and connected algorithms to automatically detect and prevent most dental Waste, Abuse and Fraud with precision within 24 hours.

Significant Increase of ROI

DentaLens believes that the best way to stop these losses is through early detection (pre-payment) and prevention (better provider management).

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