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This presentation discussed the why, how, and what that led to the development of DentaLens and how DentaLens enables the implementation of “Detect and Prevent” and creates a new process of enforcement based on behavior change.

Big Data Analytics

Dr. Franklin Din, DMD, MA CMIO of DentaLens will give presentation on Friday at NUST, Islamabad about the unique approach that combines informatics, clinical expertise, forensics, and advanced data visualization. The overall talk is a brief overview of the Zigron / FraudLens approach to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Items to talk about:

  1. Big data and what it really is?
  2. Analytics
  3. UI and UX as equal partner
  4. Examples using FraudLens to show 1, 2, and 3 in action
October 4, 2018