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This presentation discussed the why, how, and what that led to the development of DentaLens and how DentaLens enables the implementation of “Detect and Prevent” and creates a new process of enforcement based on behavior change.

DentaLens Healthcare Selected to Present at TechBreakfast

DentaLens Healthcare has been selected to present a live demonstration at the TechBreakfast on July 10, 2013 in at the University Graduate Center, Loyola Columbia in Columbia, MD.  TechBreakfast is a monthly breakfast in the Washington, DC metro area where entrepreneurs, techies, developers, designers, business people, and interested people see showcases on cool new technology in a demo format and interact with each other. “Show and Tell for Adults” is what we usually say. No boring presentations or speakers who drone on. This is a “show and tell” format where we tell people to show me, don’t tell me about the great things they are working on. 

October 4, 2018