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This presentation discussed the why, how, and what that led to the development of DentaLens and how DentaLens enables the implementation of “Detect and Prevent” and creates a new process of enforcement based on behavior change.

Integration of Medical and Dental Care and Patient Data

The second editions of the “Integration of Medical and Dental Care and Patient Data” is now available for purchase from Springer and Amazon.  While Dr. Franklin Din, CMIO of FraudLens / DentaLens, was a primary editor and author in the first edition, he opted out of serving as an editor in the second edition.  However, one of the chapters Dr. Din authored from the first edition was used in the second edition, with minor updates due to the time lapse between the first and second edition.  So, Dr. Din is proud to have contributed his knowledge to this addition to the academic library.”

December 6, 2018